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Discover How To Instantly Block Government Snoopers – And Even Your Competitors - From Accessing Your Confidential Business Emails Starting TODAY!

Read on to discover how you can protect your business from all those prying eyes now government’s dirty little secret has been exposed …

1984 has arrived

We might not yet have the Thought Police reading our thoughts – as described in H G Wells’s spine-chilling and prophetic book ‘1984’ – but you can bet your bottom dollar they’re working on it.

So if you think – like we do – that your email correspondence with your valued clients should be totally private, then you were probably shocked to learn that hitherto trusted household names, like email providers Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft are all involved in the Nation Security Agency’s PRISM Project.

Just imagine … the very businesses you entrusted with your most sensitive information are allowing governments, on both sides of the Atlantic (and maybe beyond), free access to snoop on your most confidential emails and business correspondence.

And, if you think you are safe, because your email facility is provided by a smaller player – such as PalTalk – think again… because they’ve also fallen into the corrosive grasp of PRISM.

Well, we business folks have had enough!

We’ve been inspected, commanded, audited and had every possible obstacle to wealth creation put in our way. So this is the final straw. Because …

… the fact that we risk our most confidential client correspondence being passed around to all and sundry is just one small step from it being accessed by our most cut-throat competitors …

… and if that happens … your business – indeed your whole world - will be in grave danger of collapse.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that

I’ve been in business here at Avon Lake, near Cleveland, Ohio, since 2005, serving the business community with battled-tested web hosting, secure email hosting and everything a dynamic business needs to protect itself and thrive online in this dangerous world.

But my hatred of snoopers goes back much longer than June of 2013, when shocked business folk suddenly woke up to what was being done to them with the PRISM Project.

You see, I was born under the communist yoke in the Ukraine. So I was so very grateful to be welcomed into the US as a youngster, nearly 20 years ago.

Now I’m proud to have been a full American citizen for over a decade and I live the American Dream with my own business, built on proud American values of hard work, honesty and perseverance.

So imagine my dismay now, as I watch the very country I once regarded as THE beacon of freedom and democracy start down the slippery slope to the sort of totalitarian state I escaped from all those years ago.

Luckily for you, I saw this coming several years ago. So I already have in place a fully tried and tested, totally secure and bullet-proof email system you can take full advantage of today.

And I guarantee that electrifying feeling of empowerment, as you run the spooks out of town and take back control of your affairs, has to be experienced to be believed!

But – as vital as your privacy and security are - that’s just for starters …

… because our fully managed servers, housed in two totally secure, temperature controlled data centers, complete with their own emergency power supplies, right here in geo-stable Cleveland, Ohio, ALSO give you:

  • Your very own private IP address – so no risk of you being labelled as a spammer (or worse) because some less reputable ‘neighbor’ is sharing your IP address.
  • Up to 250 domains and mailboxes (so the sky is the limit on your operations, whilst your costs remain firmly anchored to the ground, because you could pay up to $10 per mailbox elsewhere).
  • Not just SSL encryption BUT TLS too - guaranteeing you the maximum possible security from all those prying
  • A SSL Certificate giving everyone maximum confidence in your site.
  • Totally secure webmail with POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, XMPP protocols (choose the one best for you).
  • No need for a costly in-house IT department (because our total management gives you all the advantages of that without the cost).
  • State of the art, bullet-proof SPAM and virus filtering – naturally!
  • Fully equipped for 21st century communications providing support for the widest possible range of mobile devices.
And much, MUCH more – including …

What counts when the chips are down

You see, you can enjoy great hosting from pretty much any source – until something goes wrong.

Then you find out how really good (or bad) your web hosting is.

So you’ll be delighted to know we are justly proud of having assembled just about the best team of IT engineers outside of Silicon Valley, who will act lightening fast to fix any problems. Think of them as your ‘A TEAM’.

But don’t take my word for it.

… read what some of our delighted customers have to say about our service …

Really, you guys ROCK! I was working with another hosting company and you guys are so freaking great! Clint (the phone guy is awesome too). No need to respond, just figured if you had a place where you put client compliments on your site, you could use this.


Simply awesome support!!! Hey Clint if you are reading this, thanks man you bailed me out. I would never expect to have someone actually know what they are doing to help me …


Just wanted to say THANKS! I hope you guys can post my testimonial on your site, I'm writing you to let everyone know how great your hosting and support service is.

Tina S.

And did I mention we kept going in August - when even mighty G and Amazon didn’t?

Remember in mid August when both Google and Amazon – and even actual web hosts like HostGator and BlueHost, with thousands of businesses relying on them - went off air?

Well, whilst that was happening, OUR servers were all open for business as usual …


Our servers carried on doing precisely what they are supposed to do: allowing our clients to enjoy a worry-free time serving their customers and bringing home the bacon, without wasting their valuable time waiting for their web sites to fire up again.

You don’t need me to remind you …

Running a business is very demanding, even in the good times. And – in this down economy – your business must run like a well oiled machine just to survive.

And there are few parts of your operation more critical to your success than your web hosting and emails. After all, it is the KEY CONNECTION with the clients that fund your whole operation. So …

Why settle for second best for you and your business?

Why should the best in life be reserved for others and not you?

After all, you devote your working life striving to make your business the best there is, so doesn’t it make sound business sense to use the best and most advanced, professional level, email and web hosting?

And there’s never been a better time than now for you to start enjoying the very best email and hosting service you’ll find – anywhere

Because – right now – we’re partnered with Smarter Tools Inc. Which means you get to take full advantage of their cutting edge technologies (and all without paying their $800 licence fee). So you get:

  • Immediate zapping of any new virus the instant it enters the internet and long before it gets near your server (just like your own personal ‘over the horizon’ radar).
  • Suspect emails trapped before they can do harm - removing any risk of your mail servers being infected.
  • Password peace of mind (never again worry if your passwords are secure enough, because the system will immediately tell you if you’re at risk).
And much, MUCH more – including …

… that saving of 800 bucks on the Smarter Tools licence. Just another way we go the extra mile for you.

Think about it and you’ll realize that even a small business needs multiple mailboxes. Customer service … technical support… suppliers … out workers … internal mail … the more you think about it, the more you need.

And that’s when it can get very expensive, because it’s easy to spend upwards of $100 a month for a handful of mail boxes with one of the best known names in the industry.

And with them you also get an advertised – and definitely UNWANTED – bonus.

Because every single one of their mailboxes is liable to be snooped on by their buddies at the NSA.

But if..

  • You’d prefer battle-tested hosting, that does not go down - even when the Big Boys are dropping like the pins in a bowling alley
  • And you want your clients - and NO ONE ELSE - to read what you write.

… then you’ll be delighted to know you can immediately become one of our highly satisfied and valued clients for as little as $59.46 a month. What’s more …

… even if you want more than a couple of hundred totally secure mailboxes and domains – your investment in peace of mind is still the same low $59.46. So …

What would be a smart move right now?

You can either ignore the fact that both your email privacy and your online presence at risk – and will probably continue to be so.

OR …
You can decide that the best is good enough for you.

That means you can then lock in your monthly subscription at the current low price – even if you need a couple of hundred mailboxes. And – of course – the sooner you make the switch – the sooner you’ll be able to sleep soundly, knowing your business is safe from on line bandits and snoopers.

I guess, put that way, it’s not a hard decision to make.

So I’m looking forward to welcoming you as another satisfied member of our happy family of valued clients.

Included Value....

You will receive a permanent lifetime licence for SmarterMail Professional 250 Mailboxes or Domains retail price $299. In addition your fixed and predictable subscription fee includes following services...

  • Maximum hardened server security configuration.
  • Firewall setup and management.
  • Order and installation of SSL certificate for web-mail interface and POP3, SMTP, IMAP5, XMPP protocols.
  • Enterprise grade spam and virus pre-filtering with advanced reporting. Spam and viruses are zapped before they even get to your server.
  • Comprehensive management service included. Our techs will help you with configuration and setup of all features and functions.



Based on 250 mailbox.
  • Software license
  • Client Access License (CAL)
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • ActiveSync
  • Custom domain
  • Email encryption using TLS
  • Filtering and content policies
  • Storage Size
  • Business-critical data archiving
  • Full Control Of the server policy
  • Fully managed service
  • Hardware Capital Investment
  • Privacy & security
  • Free SSL Certificate


  • lifetime license included at no cost.
  • 250 users included
  • 36 GB SSD
  • $0
  • Your server, your policy.

Microsoft Exchangetm


One time licensing
  • $3,970.00
  • $100/User - $25,000.00
  • Depends on configuration
  • Based on server hardware
  • Needs 3rd party software $$$
  • Hired system admin
  • $2000.00
  • Based on configuration
Too expensive for most businesses to own and maintain.

Google Apps For Business


  • $10/user - $2500 per month
  • 30 GB
  • $0
  • None, gmail will data mine your inbox.
Cheap at first but quickly becomes expensive with per user pricing