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Enterprise Customer Support Process Overview

IHOST IST ( builds and manages IT infrastructure solutions for wide variety of clients all over the globe for enterprises of all sizes and types. Our fully managed hosted solutions provide mission critical infrastructure for many clients. For this reason it is important that we follow a well defined change control process to ensure security of the client data.

All customer interactions that require changes or access to the customer's service(s) are documented in our CRM system for quality control and regulatory requirements. The data stored in this system is maintained for a minimum of 3 years . Although customers and their technical professionals such as developers can create, install, update, and have access to the code or software products residing on the managed servers, IHOST IST maintains the control over the infrastructure.

Technical/Billing Issue Resolution Process

The managed server environment customers and their authorized agents have full authority to create/modify code, websites, settings, and other aspects of their hosted services provided by HostedAppliance.NET. However, in instances where customer requires managed support assistance from us it is imperative that only authorized individuals initiate technical support service request. Any technical service request or billing change originating from non-authorized individuals will not be acted upon until confirmed by an authorized customer.

The authorized customer for this purpose is defined as an individual that is primary contact in our WHMCS support system or any individual that has been added as a sub account associated with the products and services listed in your customer portal. The primary account owner (customer) can add any number of individuals as sub accounts to authorize others to initiate technical support issues and grant them the authority to manage services.

Hosted Appliance Enterprise Support Process