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SEO Tips To boost Google Position Of Your Website

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SEO Tips To boost Google Position Of Your Website

Search engine optimization is broadly embraced by growing sites to acquire popularity and on-line presence.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is broadly embraced by growing number of sites to acquire traffic and on-line presence. Now a days it is difficult to rank on search engines due to high number of competitive websites and SEO performed by others. Also, the frequent search engine upgrades have made it crucial to optimize various aspects of the web site to make it rank higher naturally giving you the competitive advantage over others.

There are several important search engine optimization methods that will help enhance your Google position:

1. Keywords.

Keywords you are trying to rank are the most critical variable for virtually any web site to rank well on the internet search engines. You should attempt to determine the key words which have a high search volume and low competition. The best option is to use long tail keywords that are relevant to your webpage yet are much less congested with competition in the search result.

2. Optimization.

The website content, URL structure, and the HTML/CSS syntax should be optimized and valid in order for google or any other search engine robot to parse it. Try keeping the duplicate content on your site to a minimum. Keep in mind that URL structure should reflect the logical layout of your site navigation path. It is absolutely critical to maintaining a valid XML sitemap file that will help search engine robots to navigate your site and discover changes.

3. Easy Navigation.

You can spend all your time creating quality content, however your efforts will mean nothing if your internal site links are messed up or are poorly organized. You need to adopt early on a simple and logical link scheme with in your site structure to ensure all of your content pages are easily reached from the homepage.

4. Content is A King!

Look, you can be a great programmer or graphics guru however if you don't have content that google can parse on your site, it is not going to be indexed. Quality content is generally considered a unique and well written text and media that can be read and comprehended by your audience as well as the search engine robots that consume text data.

5. Make "Social" Work For You.

You should always try to develop a social media strategy as part of your SEO effort. This can be as simple as creating a Facebook fan page for your websites and a dedicated Twitter account. Using these social media platforms you can post links to any content pages that you create or update. The goal is to connect with other people that share the same interest.

6. Always target mobile users.

Lets be realistic, the vast majority of the web traffic now is originating from the mobile devices such as smarphones and tablets. The only thing you need to know is stay "responsive"

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