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Ultra Appliance Summary

Ultra Appliance virtual server platform is capable of supporting demanding multi-user databases, large websites with millions of page views, or hundreds of small web sites. Ultra appliance has enough CPU, memory, and storage to provide lightning fast response times and capacity to support multi-user remote desktop environment. Ultra appliance can be further customized to scale for any demanding application or load.

Common Usage Scenarios

Host hundreds of html/css sites. Can support several large CMS installations or combinations of small and large sites. This server will be your web hosting powerhouse.
Combined with the SmarterMail and our MailFoundry spam and virus filtering can handle all your business email needs if configured as a dedicated mail appliance.
When configured as a dedicated MSSQL or MySQL server, this server becomes powerful and secured hosted RDBMS. To achieve PCI compliance it is necessary to separate database from the front end webserver. This role is ideal for advanced appliance because it enables security and compliance at low cost.
There are no hard limits of what you can run as long as you have the spare disk space to install it. In many cases our clients choose to configure web, mail, and database services all in on one appliance. The Ultra Appliance is ideal for a mixed role configuration as it has excess capacity to handle medium to heavy workloads that other servers cannot.
Powerful remote desktop appliance. Can be configured to support small team of concurrent users. Ideal for FOREX traders to run several different MetaTrader client simultaneously. Used by accounting to run centralized installation of QuickBooks. To engineering firm that has remote workers and need access to proprietary software or spreadsheets. Ultra appliance is a tested performer in SaaS hosting "Software as a Service".
Have you ever wondered where the brain eating zombies from games like DayZ live? Or have you always wanted a private Minecraft server to play with your friends without griefing of a public server? Ultra appliance is up for a challenge. Modern gaming requires massive amounts of CPU cycles, lots of RAM, and high IO to function lag free and deliver constant entertainment for your gaming community.


Express Appliance
  • vCores
  • RAM
  • SSD Storage
  • Operating System
  • Bandwidth
  • SmarterBundle
  • Managed Service

$191.12 USD

  • 4
  • 8GB
  • 160GB
  • Windows 2008R2/2012
  • 1.2TB

Service included with every account.

Architecture assistance

Unique touch

Personalized guidance, designing, and architecting a server environment that meets your needs. Our clients enjoy stable and affordable service that can be easily scaled.

Security assessment

Risks management

We will review your environment and the workload and will provide an assessment and recommendations on how to improve performance and security.

Migration support

Hastle free move

Our team will assist you with the migration process of your sites and data from any environment ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Full stack support

Expert help

Our team will install, configure, and patch the operating system to ensure your environment is up to date and secure. We will install and configure your web and application services, databases, and programming environment frameworks such as .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, MSSQL, MySQL

Domain management

One place for all domains

Register, renew, transfer your domain names and manage DNS records. Our team will assist you with the domain name related disputes and complex DNS setup configurations.

SSL Certificates

Security consulting

We install and secure services and protocols for you using the SSL certificates you provide or purchase with us.

User control

GUI web tools for self service

Where appropriate our engineers will install a white label web based control panel to facilitate easy self service to manage your services using intuitive WEB GUI control panel.

Let us architect and manage HIPAA compliant hosting environment with a BAA at the fraction of the cost. Eliminate costs associated with the regulatory requirements by outsourcing your web facing applications and services to us.

Supported Platforms & Applications

  • Ruby
  • Wordpress
  • BlogEngine.NET
  • Sugar CRM
  • Umbraco
  • DNN
  • DotNetCMS
  • Joomla
  • Metatrader
  • .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • PHP
  • Python

Additional Services & Upgrades

1GB RAM Upgrade $14.95 month Additional memory for any Hosted Aplliance servicer, can be added in multiples of 1GB up to 32GB
1GB iSCSI Disk Volume $0.45 month Increase storage size of your Hosted Appliance server. From 1 GB to 2TB, price is quoted per 1 GB.
CDP Backup Plan $34.95 month per server Continuous data protection for your hosted appliance server. Create and manage backup plans, setup automated backup reports, and numerous other features.
Rent-an-Admin $34.95 month per server Need help installing, configuring, troubleshooting your server and appliacations? This service will gurantee up to 4 hours per month of our server admin hand on time.